Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hospice and Mental Health Education

Team member Cyrus Appell, Seattle medical consultant is leading workshops again this year on Hospice and Palliative Care - a relatively new concept here.  There is tremendous interest at the Can Tho Medical University in learning about Hospice Care, as well as Mental Health concepts.  Cyrus (standing), together with Ann Heath, RN-Group Health Home Health & Hospice (left of Cyrus,), Helen Sikov, Director of Washington Center for Reconstructive Rehab (left of Helen), and Seattle Psychologist Dr. Peter Hunsberger are providing extensive lectures, workshops, and materials for Can Tho Medical University faculty and students.  400+ medical students are expected at Friday's lecture on Hospice Care.

Team members Tom Linde, Therapist, and Peter Hunsberger, Psychologist  provide teaching at Can Tho Psychiatric Hospital, shown here conducting a role paying exercise.  Patients were also seen with local health care providers.

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